Old Pharmacy at Franciscan Monastery – Dubrovnik


The Old Pharmacy in Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik is one among the oldest pharmacies in Europe.

It was founded in 1317 as in-house pharmacy for Franciscan friars which was later introduced to the public servicing the whole Town’s population and  even beyond the town’s walls.

Nowadays, in the pretty courtyard of Franciscan Monastery’s complex, intricate cloister lead to the Old Pharmacy Museum where among the exhibits you can see various pharmaceutical tools, containers, grinders and similar from the times of old Ragusa.


The pharmacy stands right next to the Baroque church among the arches of the atrium of the Monastery.


Pharmacy is still in function nowadays (see above photo) and offers some products which  preparations are  made according to ancient Franciscan’s recipes. If you visit the pharmacy the good idea is to buy some of its very good skin cream products made from local wild herbs.


The old pharmacy museum is opened every day from 9 am to 6 pm

Entry ticket for the museum can be bought at the spot.


Plaque on the wall of the pharmacy saying ‘Pharmacopolium e superiore conv. parte transferendum magnificentius in hoc peristylio interius instaurato exstruendum de suo curavit – Ignatius Eques Amerling Ragusinius A. MCMI’

Location Map of Old Pharmacy at Franciscan Monastery – Dubrovnik:

Map of Old Pharmacy at Franciscan Monastery - Dubrovnik


Ulica Placa (Stradun), 20000 Dubrovnik
tel: n/a
see location of Old Pharmacy at Franciscan Monastery on larger map

Have a look at the map of the old town the location of the pharmacy (location no 2)