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Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Restaurants:

restaurant in dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is like any other popular tourist town, dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes. The most popular ones are located in Dubrovnik Old Town along the street called Preko, as well as along and off Siroka Ulica Street (check map). A large number of restaurants get closed in offseason (during winter months), but there is always enough left open all year round to try and enjoy local food.
I must say that most of Dubrovnik restaurants offer more or less similar food, various versions of local dishes, such as risotto (rizot), buzara, pizza, grilled meat and fish accompanied by fresh salads and selection of local wines. The prices vary, from cheap(er) takeaway options (60 HRK), set-meals (95 HRK) to full four-course menus (250 HRK) in average, you can expect to pay for restaurant meal from 120 HRK per person upward.

Here is a selection of Dubrovnik restaurants:

Dubrovnik Cafes:

cafe bar in dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has numerous cafes that are located all over the town. Interesting ones are outdoor cafés at the Stradun where you can watch the locals walking around. For all night parties options, check out Latino Club Fuego just outside the Pile Gate (www.dubrovniknightclub.com). If you want to enjoy sea views, then watch the sunset at Cafe Buza, a café located on a rocky terrace between Old Town’s walls and the sea. To reach Buza Cafe, walk through the buza (hole in the wall) on the southern side of the Walls and you are there.

Here is a list of some of my favourite cafes in the town:


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