About Dubrovnik


A Short introduction to Dubrovnik:

A short introduction to Dubrovnik – and article

Neighbourhoods in Dubrovnik:

  • Old Town is the area of the town that is located within its medieval walls. Most of the town’s main attractions and historic buildings as well as cafes, restaurants and art galleries are situated there. The main street in the Old Town is Stradun that connects Pile and Ploče gates and Porporela, the old harbourread more
  • Pile is the neighbourhood between Pile Gate and Boninovo.
  • Ploče is the neighbourhood between Old town and Sveti Jakov suburb, situated on the slopes of Srđ hill offering great views over Lokrum and the Old town. The popular beach Banje  as well as some fantastic hotels are also located here.
  • Gruž is the eastern, working class neighbourhood where ferry port and main bus station is located.
  • Lapad is the south east neighbourhood, situated between Boninovo and Babin Kuk.
  • Babin Kuk  is the furtherest part of Lapad peninsula that features popular swimming spots as well as numerous large hotels.