Pre-Trip Planning for Visiting Dubrovnik

Pre-Trip Planning for Visiting Dubrovnik

To ensure that your visit to Dubrovnik is as enjoyable and memorable as possible, a little pre-planning can really help you get the most out of your trip. This section includes FAQ such as when to go, how long to visit, where to stay, how to arrive. I am trying to answer these questions while giving you useful tips on planning your trip and getting the most from your stay.

Below is a pre-departure planning points with additional information that may be useful to traveller before leaving for Dubrovnik, some general info that can be handy for pre-planning your trip:

More info – good to know:

  • Laundry / Launderette is available in Dubrovnik in the Old town and Pera Cingrije street no 8  (Boninovo)
  • There are several pharmacies in the town, here are two of them:  Pharmacy Kod Zvonika at Stradun and  Ljekarna Gruž, Gruška Obala, Gruž – both open all day with 24 hrs emergency options.
  • Post office and telephones – the main post office is in Vukovarska street 16, while in the Old Town there is a post office in  Široka street  – both opened weekdays for most of the day.
  • Taxi stations are in bus and ferry terminals as well as at Pile Gate and Ploce Gate, just outside of the Old town. Uber also operates in Dubrovnik so make sure you have their application installed on your smartphone – see more info about taxis
  • Bookshops – there are two bookshops in town, Algebra and Algoritam, both at Stradun offering selection of English-language books beside usual stuff like tourist guides, postcards and similar
  • Tourist Information Offices in Dubrovnik – listing of tourist offices around Dubrovnik;

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