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Sponza Palace

Arches of Sponza palace with views over Stradun (1965)

Sponza Palace was built in the early 1500s, designed by architect Pasij Milicevic. It is one of the very few buildings to survive Dubrovnik’s  1667 earthquake.

Initially, it was built as the city’s customs house and mint. The facade of the palace is (see photos below) a combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture including lovely Gothic windows, cloisters and inner courtyards.
The complete stone carving of all beautiful features was done at the time by brothers Andrijic from Korcula who also, among other things, built Korcula Cathedral
The palace features an inscription saying: “Nama je zabranjeno varati i krivo mjeriti; i kad važem robu; sa mnom je važe sam Bog” meaning  “We are forbidden to cheat and use false measures, and when I weigh goods, God weighs me”
Today, the palace is home of the Dubrovnik’s State Archives and the Museum to the Dubrovnik Defenders (Open 8 am–2 pm daily)

Location Map of Sponza Palace:


Ulica Placa (Stradun), 20000 Dubrovnik
tel: +385 20 321-031
see the location of Sponza Palace on the larger map

Photos of Sponza Palace: