St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa) – Dubrovnik

St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa) was built in 1520 s immediately after the earthquake in Dubrovnik in gratitude that the town had been spared from destruction. It is a single nave building with a Gothic-cross-ribbed vault, considered to be the first comprehensive Renaissance-style building in Dubrovnik,  designed and built by Korcula‘s master builders Brothers Andrijic, who also built Korcula’s Cathedral. The church has survived throughout history to nowadays, almost intact. Currently, this lovely building is used as an exhibition space as well as a classical music venue. A beautiful example of early Renaissance architecture. Have a look at the photos:

Photos of St. Saviour Church

The façade of St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa) dubrovnik

The façade of St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa) in Dubrovnik


Rosetta at the façade

Plaque at St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa) at Stradun

Plaque at church façade  with the inscription of gratitude that the town had been spared from destruction


Portal of the Church

Location: Crkva Svetog Spasa is located right at the very beginning of Stradun, on the left side, as soon as you pass Pile Gate, right before Franciscan Monastery and across the square of Large Onofrijeva Fountain  – have a look at the map of the Old Town (no 3)


Location Map of St. Saviour Church (Crkva Svetog Spasa)


Ulica Placa (Stradun), 20000 Dubrovnik
tel: n/a
see the location of Crkva Svetog Spasa on the larger map