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The Fox News selects Dubrovnik among five best old-world towns to visit

fox news dubrovnik articleOn its website, in the Travel section, The Fox News yesterday published a list of 5 best old-world towns to visit.

The article introduces its readers to the fact that ‘urban development and expansion have robbed many of the world’s towns and cities of their old-world charm’ while there are certain ‘wonderful pockets of the globe that have changed little since their heyday’.

Dubrovnik is listed on the 2nd place and described as one of the finest examples of a town that has retained virtually all of its ‘authentic old-world charm’. The article also notes that Dubrovnik was once a major sea power and trade city, rebuilt after a major earthquake in 17th century and recently restored after Serb shelling damage.

Other listed old-world towns include Jerusalem in Israel, Luxor in Egypt, Buenos Aires in Argentina  and Lamu Old Town in Kenya.

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