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Bokar Fortress

Located at the top of a steep cliff on the western corner of Dubrovnik’s city walls, the Bokar Fortress (Tvrđava Bokar) was built in 15th century with the intention to defend the town’s main entrance Pile Gate, its bridge and moat.

the Bokar Fortress (Tvrđava Bokar)

Beside Minčeta Fortress it was considered as the key point of defence of the western sea as well as a land approach to the town.

The fort was designed by the Florentine architect Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi as a semicircular two-story building, considered nowadays to be one of the oldest casemented forts in Europe.

Due to its attractive look, it is often taken as an example of functional as well as a beautiful piece of Medieval fortification architecture. Currently, in its interior, there are several cannons on display as well as a small precious stones (lapidary) collection. The access to the tower is via Town Walls.

Nowadays, the fortress is used as a venue for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival‘s performances.

Note: Another Bokar Tower, built by Venetians in the same period is in Korcula Town.

Dubrovniks town walls and Bokar tower


This video clip shows Bokar and its neighbouring towers St Lawrence and Minceta

Location Map of Bokar Fortress, Dubrovnik:

GPS Location Coordinates: 42.64094, 18.10624

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