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ATM Cash Machines in Dubrovnik

ATM machines are plentiful around Dubrovnik. Locally, they are called “bankomat” and they offer English language menu options so they are quite easy to use – no knowledge of the Croatian language is needed.
However, you will need a four-digit PIN number (pin code) to access the machine’s info or withdraw money.

Cash machine in Dubrovnik

Above Photo: Withdrawing money from the cash machine at Stradun, Dubrovnik

The most commonly accepted ATM/cash cards are Visa, Visa Electron,  MasterCard, and Maestro.
You will find many ATM cash machines to get local currency in Dubrovnik’s city center, around Stradun in the Old Town, at the Airport as well as on major streets around the city’s suburbs Gruž, Lapad, Ploce…
Using ATMs / cash machines in the town is pretty reliable and safe at least to the best of my knowledge.
All you have to do is to check in advance with your bank, before you leave, what are the current charges to withdraw the money abroad, as charges/fees can vary a lot.
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