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Day trip from Dubrovnik to Korčula

Day trip from Dubrovnik to Korčula Old Town - views

Above photo: Korčula Old Town, views

Visiting Korčula island and its Old Town for a day trip from Dubrovnik is actually doable although the time is going to be somehow tight but nevertheless still possible.

As I am actually originally from Korčula (born and bred there) and did this trip about millions of times, here is my opinion and some tips and recommendations:

It takes about 2.5 hours drive from Dubrovnik to reach Korcula Town (distance 120 km). The Town is located on the Eastern bit of the Island, the one closer to Dubrovnik than the Western parts (see a map on the bottom of the article). To drive to other parts of the island will take you another hour or so and in my opinion, it is too far and not suitable for a 1 day trip from Dubrovnik (one day has only 24 hrs 😉 ).

So, I would suggest you to stick with the Old Town area where you can have a nice swim in perfect and clean waters, some sunbath, enjoy a views, try some kayaking or cycling (for an hour) or similar and actually have a great and relaxing day instead of getting stressed with driving around the Island for most of your available time (bear in mind you have to get back to Dubrovnik in the night by reasonable time)

Directions to Korčula:

To reach the Island from Dubrovnik, take D8 road to Zaton (Doli) and turn left there to D414 road that leads to Orebić. From there take the Orebić to Dominče (Korčula island) ferry (15 min sailing time) and from there drive to Korcula town. Park in the parking lot just above the Old Town (10 min walk) and walk down the steps to the town.

Cathedral Sveti Marko in Korčula Old Town

Above photo: St Mark’s Cathedral in Korčula Old Town, detail

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What to do in Korčula Old Town?

Korcula Old town is often referred to as ‘small or miniature Dubrovnik‘ (the description I personally don’t like at all, but you can ignore my feelings as they are entirely based on some local patriotism 😉 )

So, yes indeed, Korcula Old town is also a medieval walled town with layout and architecture that is very similar to Dubrovnik’ Old Town.

Once you arrive there, my first recommendation is to go for a walk around the Old Town for some sightseeing. Explore its narrow streets, discover its small squares, visit local town museum and the most beautiful Cathedral (above photo). Get some lunch (with views) in one of the Old Town’s restaurants. In the afternoon, have an ice-cream and coffee on the local beach (below photo) while sunbathing and relaxing. In the late afternoon enjoy the sunset from the old town port (Riva).

You will probably spend most of your time around Old Town as it is such a great place to spend a day. However, if you have another hour or so at your disposal, you can go further and spend some time in Przina, the Lumbarda’s sandy beach and/or taste some local wine in Lumbarda, a small village 6 km away from the Old Town.

Or in case you have even more time, go bit further and visit Pupnatska Luka (another 20 min drive) for the most lovely pebbly beach and have a lunch in nearby Konoba Mate in Pupnat or Konoba Gera in Zrnovo.

Sunbathing on the small beach just beneath medieval towers in Korcula

Above photo: Sunbathing on the small beach just beneath medieval towers in Korcula

Book in advance, public transport or self-drive trip?

Small foot passenger ferry arriving from Peljesac to Korcula

Above photo: Small foot passenger ferry arriving from Peljesac to Korcula

Bearing in mind that getting to Korcula island from Dubrovnik takes just 2.5 hours and if you are after complete flexibility then, in my opinion, your best option is to take a self-drive day trip.

Hiring a car in Dubrovnik is not very expensive (from about 30 Euro per day – check prices and book it online here if you wish).

Parking in Korcula Town is bit tricky but not impossible – park above the Old Town in Tommy shopping centre parking lot (map) – 10 min walk from the Old town.

If you prefer to be driven and guided, there are plenty of tour companies that offer pre-arranged day trips to Korcula (see here) which you can also consider. Use that travelling time to read, watch the landscape while listening to some relaxing music.

You can also use a public transport – ferries and buses :

If you are visiting in July and August you can consider taking a public transport ferry that departs in the morning from Dubrovnik and gets back from Korcula Town at around 16:00. This can be a great option if available as ferry journey is very pleasurable, offers lovely views over entire archipelago and coastline and give you a bit of island-hopping experience too. (all ferry timetables are here)

You can also consider taking a bus for your day trip to Korcula. From June to September you will find buses that go in the morning from Dubrovnik to Korcula and return in the afternoon (check timetables for your dates here). It usually leaves Dubrovnik at 09:00, arriving in Korcula at 12:00 noon. Return is at 15:00 arriving in Dubrovnik at 18:00. Ticket prices are 94 HRK each way. As it takes about 3 hours by bus each way (6 hrs in total) I would not recommend that but nevertheless, some people have their own reason to use bus only so it is good to mention this option too.

To conclude, if you are visiting Dubrovnik and have a time for a day trip, this can be really great one if you organise it smartly.

Sightseeing in Korcula old town

Above photo: Sightseeing in Korcula old town

Map of a day trip from Dubrovnik to Korčula:

More info:

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