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Getting from Split to Dubrovnik

Getting from Split to Dubrovnik is a question I am often asked about in emails sent to me, so here are the detailed travel options for this highly popular travel route.

Passengers on route
On the way to Dubrovnik

Split to Dubrovnik by Bus:

From Split to Dubrovnik by Bus

Split and Dubrovnik are connected by numerous buses that run daily between these two cities. Journey time is around four and a half hours sometimes even more (high season – July and August) when sometimes there are delays if traffic is busy.

The bus starts in Split and takes you through Makarska and further along the coast to Dubrovnik. After about 2 hrs drive the bus passes through Neum (a 22.5-kilometer stretch of Bosnia and Hercegovina starting in Klek and finishing in Neum town) where you get through the passport checkpoint. It also breaks time for a bus ride of about 15 minutes where you can have a coffee, drink, or snack. Another 2 hrs ride and you are in Dubrovnik (bus terminal). One-way tickets cost 131 HRK. You can book it in advance here.

Update: As Pelješac Bridge is now open buses are driving across the bridge to reach Dubrovnik so there are no more driving via Klek/Neum.

Split to Dubrovnik by Ferry:

Foot Passengers fast ferry catamaran from Split to Dubrovnik

Foot Passengers from Split to Dubrovnik:

Three ferry companies operate foot passenger ferries from Split to Dubrovnik – TP Line, Kapetan Luka, and Jadrolinija:

TP Line runs from April to October fast catamaran route:

  • Daily departure from Split at 9:15 arriving in Dubrovnik at 14:35. Cost: 45 Euro one way.

Kapetan Luka runs two different foot-passenger fast catamarans:

  • The first ferry route that runs from Split port to Dubrovnik, Gruž port (via Brac, Hvar, Korcula, and Mljet) is in operation daily from May to October, departing from Split daily at 07:40 and arriving in Dubrovnik at 12:00 noon. All departures are daily. The journey time is 4 hrs and 40 minutes.
    Ticket prices are 49 Euros one way. This ferry is very good for someone who would like to do just a day trip from Split to Dubrovnik, as you can get back by the same ferry at 16:00 getting to Split at 20:00
  • The second route is in operation from June to September only. It runs from Split to Dubrovnik via Brac, Makarska, Korcula and Mljet. It departs and arrives at the same time and the ticket prices are the same.

Jadrolinija operates just one fast catamaran which is a foot-passenger-only vessel:

  • Its foot-passenger catamaran ferry operates from June to September from Split to Dubrovnik departing from Split daily at 15:30 and arriving in Dubrovnik at 21:25. This route is very convenient for someone who arrives at the Split airport later in the day and would like to proceed to Dubrovnik on the same day. It is also good for people who would like to go from Dubrovnik to Split for a day trip as this ferry departs in the morning at 7:00 from Dubrovnik arriving in Split at 12:55 so you have several hours to explore Split and get back at 15:30. Price is 39 Euro one way

Where to buy your tickets?

  • Buy your tickets for Kapetan Luka ferries online in advance at croatiaferries.com web or at the ticket office in the Split Port.
  • Buy your tickets for Jadrolinija online in advance at jadrolinija.hr web or at the ticket office in the Split port.
  • See detailed timetables here and here
  • Yes, I would definitely advise you to buy your tickets in advance as this is one of the most popular ferry routes in Croatia.

Car Ferry Passengers from Split to Dubrovnik:

Car ferry Jadrolinija

At present, there is no direct car ferry route between Split and Dubrovnik so you would need to drive between the two places.
It is expected that a car ferry route will be introduced in the future but there is no specific date confirmed.
There are some indirect car ferry routes which you can see detailed info on getting to Dubrovnik from Split by ferry page; also if you intend to visit some other islands before arriving in Dubrovnik see also island hopping page where I gave details about island hopping by car and for a foot passengers.

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Also Split – Dubrovnik ferry map is useful, feel free to copy it for personal use!

Ferry from Split to Dubrovnik and back

Driving from Split to Dubrovnik:

Driving from Split to Dubrovnik

Driving between Split and Dubrovnik includes at least two road options: the first one is along the coast (slower one as traffic can build up in July & August) and another one along the A1 motorway via Dugopolje (near Split) to Ploce (just over 100 kilometers) where you again join coastal road (locally called ‘magistrala’) to Dubrovnik.

The A1 motorway route is much faster but the coastal route is scenic so my advice is if you prefer views as well as stopping and having a drink or coffee along the route, stick to the coastal option. Note, both routes are busy in the high season although there are more traffic jams on the coastal route. At present A1 motorway toll for Split to Ploce drive is 55 Kuna for cars.

Popular routes: Split to Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik to Split, Hvar to Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik to Hvar

It is important to know that both driving options include passing through the Klek-Neum corridor, so make sure your passports and travel documents are ready.

How to avoid border crossing with Bosnia/Hercegovina?

Update: Since the Pelješac Bridge opened in July 2022, there is no need to travel through Bosnia/Hercegovina.

If for whichever reason you prefer to avoid this border crossing, the alternative is to take a detour via Peljesac Peninsula: Once you arrive in Ploče (you are still Croatian territory) take a local ferry from there to Trpanj on Peljesac. From there, continue your drive towards Ston (try some oysters there!) and turn right further to Dubrovnik (see details @ below map)

Taking this route you won’t have to cross any border, you will travel all the time within Croatia. This is a bit longer journey but very scenic and if you get organized well and adjust your driving to ferry timings you can arrive in Dubrovnik at a similar time (about 4 hrs). For Ploce to Trpanj, check ferry schedules on the croatiaferries.com website.

Split to Dubrovnik by Plane:

From Split to Dubrovnik by Plane

Direct flights from Split to Dubrovnik are presently operating twice a week from Split to Dubrovnik airport. The flights are operated by Croatian low-cost operator Trade Air and they last 40 minutes. Once you land at Dubrovnik airport, see the getting from the airport to the town info.

The alternative used to be to fly by a small private seaplane between these two cities, however, these flights are not any longer in operation.

Split to Dubrovnik by Train:

There is no train connection between Dubrovnik and Split. The nearest train station to Dubrovnik is Ploce which you can consider as your arrival point, although there are fewer and fewer trains arriving in the last couple of years in Ploce so the train to Dubrovnik option is less attractive. In fact, Split is the only place in Dalmatia where you can consider arriving by train.

Latest forum entries about travel between Split and Dubrovnik:

Map of getting from Split to Dubrovnik:

The above map shows the shortest driving directions to avoid crossing the Bosnian border. If you don’t mind waiting to cross another border, you can drive all the way along the coast (fantastic views!) or use the E65 and D8 motorways. The total route length is about 230 km and the drive lasts just over 3 hours.

Since the Peljesac bridge is finished, the drive between these two cities is much faster and easier. See also Dubrovnik to Split travel options.

Split bus/ferry terminal GPS: 43°30’18.1″N 16°26’32.7″E ; 43.505033, 16.442422
Dubrovnik bus/ferry terminal GPS: 42°39’47.0″N 18°04’59.5″E ; 42.663070,18.083209