Dubrovnik Bus Tour by Cabriolet Buses


Cabrio City Tour Bus is the latest offer by Libertas, the local bus company.

This circular bus tour, accompanied by a choice of recorded audio guides will take you to all of Dubrovnik’s famous landmarks and attractions.

Cabrio City Tour Bus will enable you to get on 8 places of interest (see all listing here) with inclusive photo session breaks on all main panoramas and vistas of Dubrovnik.

The tour will last for about one and a half hours, running eight times a day from June to end of October.

In my opinion regardless of how long you will stay in Dubrovnik, this safe and relaxed way to experience the town can be a great day out as well as a perfect introduction to Dubrovnik to any visitor.

And for the price of 60 HRK per person (about 9 Euro) and 250 HRK for group of 5 persons (about 35 Euro) it is a great deal too… I am really looking forward to try it as soon as it starts