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Dubrovnik Walking Tours


Above photo: The entrance to Dubrovnik town walls

Taking a walking tour or guided walk around Old town is a good idea especially if you intend to spend very short time in Dubrovnik.

There are several walking tours companies that offer guided walks around the town. Most of them advertise their walks at Stradun (see above photo) or just in front of Pile Gate (the main entrance in the Old town)

The tours last for up to 2 hours with current prices  about 12 euro per person.

You can start with a walk several times a day – two or tree morning walks as well as couple of afternoon ones are a standard offer – so it can fit perfectly in your busy sightseeing schedule.

In my opinion, if you combine this kind of tour with sea kayaking around the Old town you can really get fantastic and quality experience of Dubrovnik in fairly short time.

Note – try to avoid midday walks, especially in the summers as it can be pretty hot and busy around here. My recommendation is to take morning kayak tour and leave walking tour for late afternoon if possible.

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