Flights from Bari to Dubrovnik

Flights from Bari to Dubrovnik - map and prices

From the June 2018, the Spanish budget carrier Volotea is launching  flights from Bari to Dubrovnik Airport .
According to the current schedule, the flights will take off from Dubrovnik at 8:55 am on Wednesdays arrival at Bari  at 09:45 am.
Flights from Bari to Dubrovnik airport will take off every Wednesday, departing at 11:10 am,  arriving in Dubrovnik at 11:10.
The new, seasonal flights will operate between 27th June to 29th August.
Ticket prices start from 67.84 Euro one way inclusive of all taxes and can be purchased now at

This is a first time ever that Dubrovnik and Bari are connected by regular flights. Until now it was only ferry connection.

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