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Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport information panel of arrivals and departures

Above photo: Dubrovnik Airport information panel of arrivals and departures

Location Map of Dubrovnik Airport:

GPS Coordinates: 42°33’37.3″N 18°15’40.5″E
Airport Address: Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) Cilipi, Mocici, Konavle, 20213, Čilipi, Croatia; web: www.airport-dubrovnik.hr; tel:+385 20 773 100
Bus shuttle from the airport to the town

Flights to Dubrovnik (DBV)

Flights to Dubrovnik (DBV)

About flights to Dubrovnik Airport: Some popular cheap flights to Dubrovnik: EasyJet flights to Dubrovnik (DBV) from London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, France, Italy, Britain and Germany. Flights are usually operating from April to November – check easyjet.com British Airways flights from London (Gatwick) – Read more » Flights to Dubrovnik (DBV)

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Getting to and from the Airport:

Photos of Dubrovnik Airport

Landing at Dubrovnik Airport

Landing at Dubrovnik Airport

Here are some photos of landing at Dubrovnik airport – I took them on my recent trip to Dubrovnik: Landing at Dubrovnik Airport – lovely views of the nearby villages and the sea. Views through the small airplane window just minutes before landing Other airplanes in the Airport runway Passport control at Dubrovnik Airport – there are several passport control – Read more » Landing at Dubrovnik Airport

Photos of Dubrovnik AirportCollection of photos of Dubrovnik Airport that I took on a couple of occasions while flying from Dubrovnik. Included photos of waiting lounge, main lobby, duty-free shop, airline desks, souvenir shops, cafes, and more… Read more » Photos of Dubrovnik Airport

Flying Over Dubrovnik

Flying Over DubrovnikFlying over Dubrovnik – a collection of sequenced photos – Lapad peninsula with views over Ombla River and Bridge; approaching Dubrovnik Lapad, Gruž and Rijeka Dubrovacka, Boninovo, Gorica, Lovrijenac, Gruž and Dubrovnik Old Town – fantastic views from the airplane while flying over the sea, Old Town and town walls – read more » Flying Over Dubrovnik

Flight over Dubrovnik on an amazingly clear day

Flight over Dubrovnik on an amazing clear dayI took this short video clip while flying over Dubrovnik Old Town, just a few minutes before landing at the airport. It was an amazingly clear day and I enjoyed the beautiful, almost uninterrupted views of Daksa, Ombla-Rijeka Dubrovacka, Gruž, Lapad – see the video » Flight over Dubrovnik on an amazingly clear day

Arriving at Dubrovnik Airport on a grey winter day

Arriving at Dubrovnik Airport on a gray winter dayHave a look at the slideshow of my photos that I took on rainy and cold January’s day while flying to Dubrovnik. Although the day was cloudy and grey, making the colors pretty flat and unappealing, the views out of airplane windows were beautiful – see the slideshow » Arriving at Dubrovnik Airport on a grey winter day

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Video of boarding the plane at Dubrovnik Airport: