Kopakabana (Copacabana) Beach

Kopakabana (Copacabana) Beach is long stretch of pebble beach located near Babin Kuk at Solitudo area in Lapad peninsula.

This beach is not so centrally located, but very popular especially among the locals who can’t be bothered mixing with celebrities, wealthy and famous on Banje Beach.

The easiest way to reach this beach is to take bus no 6 to Lapad, get off at Orsan Sailing Club and walk along the sea (a very pleasant walk !) for about 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can reach this beach by taking the same bus (no 6) to it’s last stop at Babin Kuk area and walk to the beach from there….

Copacabana has it’s restaurant and cafe bar, fruit and ice cream shops, sport equipment and canoe rentals etc…

The beach has the changing cabins and showers too.

It is also popular among visitors of Lapad and neighbouring hotels.

Type of Beach: pebble / rocky

Recommended for: families with small children, water sports

Map of Copacabana Dubrovnik Beach

Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik