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Porporela is a pier and breakwater in Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour (see arrow on the photo) originally built in the old times to reduce the intensity of waves, reduce erosion and protect boats and ships anchored in Dubrovnik’s harbor.

It is a very popular Dubrovnik sight to stroll to when walking around the Old Town.

Although it is located in the Old town, Porporela can be a pretty solitary spot and that is exactly the reason I like it a lot – you can sit there on the bench and gaze at the sea and Lokrum Island, listening to sea waves and odd seagulls and really enjoy the moment…

In the summertime this is a much livelier spot – people come to walk, swim and sunbathe there (see below photo) while local youth enjoy jumping in the sea from rocks and walls or playing the water polo.

If you are in Dubrovnik on a day trip this is a particularly handy spot to go for a quick and refreshing swim on a hot summer day.

Porporela is very easy to find – just walk to the eastern side of Stradun, pass through the arch and Peskarija, turn right and walk straight along the sea (Ponta).

Once you pass around the corner of Sveti Ivan Tower you are there (check the directions on the map of the Old Town).

Important note – On stormy days in the wintertime, Porporela can be very wet and windy (see below video). On these days it is a good idea to stay away from the edges!


Above photo: People swimming and sunbathing in the shade of Sveti Ivan Tower.

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