Sveti Ivan Tower in Dubrovnik

Views from Dubrovnik Old Town - Sveti Ivan Tower in Dubrovnik

I took this photo on my recent visit to Dubrovnik while walking around the Old Town, waiting for a friend to arrive from the Airport.

Taken on the rainy and grey day, this photo shows the views over well known Dubrovnik sightsPloče Gate, Dubrovnik’s Old Harbour, Porporela and Sveti Ivan Tower.

What I like about this photo are the shadeless, cold, metallic colours of Dubrovnik’s walls seen under diffused lights of yet another cloudy winter’s day on the Adriatic.


I took this video of the walls and fort on my recent visit to the Town.

Sveti Ivan tower and Dubrovnik's Old harbour, image from 1920s

Sveti Ivan tower and Dubrovnik’s Old harbour, image from the 1920s


Sveti Ivan Tower, image from the 1920s