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Red History Museum

The Red History Museum which is also known as ‘Muzej Crvene Povijesti (in Croatian) is a local history research project that exhibits the 50 years of socialist history in Croatia, from 1945 to 1990.

Opened in April 2019, Museum’s research subject, artefacts and historical findings are displayed in several large rooms featuring numerous artefacts from the period. Multimedia and interactive displays are also utilised.

Structured around a core permanent exhibition, with additional temporary exhibits the museum also features a small library, film projections, talks and workshops. A handy souvenir shop is on the site too.

The opening hours are daily from 9:00 to 22:00.

Getting to Museum

Red History Museum Dubrovnik,  is located outside the City Walls in Gruz area that also houses the Town’s main ferry and bus terminal.

If you are staying in Dubrovnik Old Town, get on the bus no 1 to Gruz – see detailed info. If you have some spare time while waiting for your next ferry or bus to travel further away from Dubrovnik, this museum is a great place to visit. It is only about 5 minutes walk away, up to the steps in ex TUP building which is right behind the Hotel Petka ( you can’t miss it!) See its location on below map. I did not visit this museum yet but plan to do so in the next few weeks when I’ll be able to update this post with photos and video.

Location Map:

Address: Ulica Svetog Križa 3, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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GPS Coordinates: 42.659166, 18.087197