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Gruž, Dubrovnik

Gruž is Dubrovnik’s suburb/neighborhood grown around the large bay that spreads on the west side of the town. In the way it is the main entrance to Dubrovnik – all ferries, cruise ships and buses arrive in Gruž as the main port/harbor, ferry terminal, cruise port and bus station are all located there.

Large open-air fruit and vegetable markets, as well as numerous shops and tourist offices, are in Gruž too.  All boats for day trips to Elafiti, to Mljet Island and ferries to other islands (to Hvar, to Split) leave from here.

In the old days, Gruž was a kind of summer retreat bay for wealthy inhabitants of Dubrovnik. If you take a walk along the main street, you can still see a couple of former summer mansions  – the remains of old times. From the 19th century onward, Gruž became Dubrovnik’s industrial area.  Nowadays it is mainly residential.

Boats in Gruž, Dubrovnik

Above photo: Boats and schooners in Gruž Bay.

Getting from Gruž  to the Old Town:

Being less than 3 km away, Gruž is within walking distance of the Old town. If you don’t feel like walking, take bus No 1 or 3 and you will be in the Old Town in 10-15 minutes. (See detailed info)

Gruž is one of my favorite parts of Dubrovnik. I used to live here as a student (as rooms were the cheapest in the town) and loved the fact that I can get up in the morning, quickly pop out for freshly baked buns and take a walk along the bay to my Uni.

Even now, when in Dubrovnik, I often take a walk along the bay all the way from Kantafig to Orsan Yacht Club and further towards Solitudo and Copacabana beach, as I consider it one of the best Dubrovnik walks.

In case you decide to get your accommodation in Gruž, which can be convenient because of the vicinity of all transport links, there is a good selection of accommodation available there – check Gruž accommodation listing with a yellow search box.

Gruž port
Bay of Gruž, Dubrovnik

Above photo: Views over Gruž bay

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roundabout in Gruž, Dubrovnik

Above photo: Roundabout in Gruž

More about Gruž:

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