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Dubrovnik on a Budget – Tips, Costs & Ways to Save

Dubrovnik on a Budget - Tips, Costs & Ways to Save

How to visit Dubrovnik on a budget, what to see and do, what are the costs and ways to save money? Here are my recommendation and some hard facts about the cost of travel to this amazing city: I recommend budgeting €45 to €60 per day per person for travellers on a budget. You can easily spend less if you

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Ala Mizerija Cafe

Ala Mizerija Cafe

Lovely cliff beach bar cafe located in local Kolorina / Sulic bay on the easy walking distance from the heart of the Old Town. Popular among locals and visitors,  the cafe offers refreshments and snacks, cocktail, beer or juice, with views of the Lovrijenac. Away from crowds and noise, overlooking the sea, cliffs and the sky. Relaxing atmosphere. Popular snack/food offer

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Fish Restaurant Proto – Dubrovnik

Fish Restaurant Proto - Dubrovnik

Fish Restaurant Proto, established in 1886, is located in the very centre of Old Town. The restaurant offers a wide range of fish and meat dishes as well as a selection of local vegetables and some meals suitable for vegetarians. Lovely terrace seating and a good selection of local white and red wines. Address: Fish Restaurant Proto – DubrovnikŠiroka Ulica 1,20

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Irish Pub Karaka – Dubrovnik

Irish Pub Karaka - Dubrovnik

Restaurant Irish Pub ‘Karaka’ in Dubrovnik is a friendly sports bar that shows sports, football with plenty of seating inside and out. It serves great cocktails and a variety of drinks that are fairly reasonably priced.  It also serves basic food such as hamburgers, sausages, french fries as well as a wide selection of pizza. Free wifi. Great place to watch football matches! Address: Irish Pub ‘Karaka’ Između polača

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Restaurant Sesame – Dubrovnik

Restaurant Sesame - Dubrovnik

Restaurant Sesame is one of the best-known restaurants in Dubrovnik. It’s run by a local family and offers fantastic food and ambience in the near vicinity of the Old Town, in a romantic setting at the very edge of Park Gradac. Offers usual drinks as well as a wide selection of local wines. Great place to relax and dine! Address: Restaurant Sesame, DubrovnikDante Alighieri,

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Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Dubrovnik is like any other popular tourist town, dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes. The most popular ones are located in Dubrovnik Old Town along the street called Preko, as well as along and off Siroka Ulica Street (check map). A large number of restaurants get closed in offseason (during winter months), but there is always enough left open

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Old Images of Dubrovnik Restaurants

Old Images of Dubrovnik Restaurants

Here is my collection of old images of Dubrovnik Restaurants: See other info about restaurants in Dubrovnik

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Café Festival, Dubrovnik

Café Festival, Dubrovnik

Café Festival is on one of the best locations in the town – right in the centre of Stradun – the very heart of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The cafe is opened from very early morning till midnight serving variety of sweets and pastries, hot and cold sandwiches, breakfasts of all sorts as well as some regular restaurant food. Festival has great location and is very good place for people

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Restaurant Poklisar

Restaurant Poklisar

Restaurant Poklisar is located in one of the most prominent location – right in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old Port. The restaurant is popular among visitors as well as locals. They are opened from 9 am till midnight serving variety of local food and wines. (check location Ribarnica on the map) Restaurant Poklisar, The Old Town, Ribarnica 1, Dubrovnik –

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