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Jesuit Stairs – Dubrovnik

Jesuit Stairs - Dubrovnik

Lovely and elegant Baroque stairs just off Gunduliceva Poljana leading up to the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola and 17th-century Jesuit College: Above photo: Jesuit Stairs in 1906 Just turn right turn from Gundulićeva Poljana and you are there – on the footsteps of Baroque stairs (designed by Pietro Passalacqua) similar to well known Spanish Steps

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Photos: Gundulić Square

Photos: Gundulić Square

Gundulić Square Gundulićev Trg – Dubrovnik Gundulićeva Poljana (aka Gundulić Square) in the Old Town of Dubrovnik Gundulicev Spomenik

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Gundulićeva Poljana: an open-air market in Dubrovnik Old Town

Gundulićeva Poljana: an open-air market in Dubrovnik Old Town

Fresh strawberry and vegetable stall at Gundulićeva Poljana Gundulićeva Poljana (Gundulić Square) is the open-air market in the Old Town that has numerous stalls full of seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as other local products like dried lavender, lavender oil, locally produced Grappa, and other fantastic brandies. The market is opened every morning and close in the afternoon, so

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Gundulic Square

Gundulic Square

Gundulic Square, locally called Gundulićeva Poljana is a busy Dubrovnik’s square which is also the home of popular morning fruit and vegetable market. It is located at the southern side of the Stradun, right behind Dubrovnik’s Cathedral, bordered by elegant buildings and numerous shops and restaurants. The square is dominated by

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