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Heavy luggage when island hopping from Dubrovnik

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  • Tina

    We are planning our trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia next July.

    We are a family of 5, three teenage girls. The plan is to do island hopping from Dubrovnik including 2 days in Dubrovnik then taking a ferry to one of the islands for 3 days (Mljet, Korcula, Hvar) then to Split for another 3 days to do day trips to Krka, Brac, maybe Vis island.

    Girls want to bring 12 kg wheelie suitcases.

    Is this heavy luggage allowed on ferries?

    Are there usually taxis available when you get off the ferry?

    If it’s not going to be practical then I’ll have to try to convince them to travel lighter!

    Appreciate any tips thanks in advance 🙂

    Pero Lapad

    Ferries are here in Dubrovnik like any other public transportation.
    Be prepared to perhaps carry it up stairs especially on the car ferries, not so much on the fast ferries/ catamarans. And just keep an eye on it and put your luggage out of the way of other travellers. On fast ferries there is plenty of luggage space, so you should be fine.

    Gospar Ivo

    As far as taxi is concerned, usually there will be taxi wating in the ferry port to pick up passengers with heavy luggage or who need to travel futher. It may be good idea to book taxi in advance, however, if you are prepared to wait a bit, taxi will come back to pick you up as most of the taxi distances are not that far. Also, there are Uber in Split and Dubrovnik, so that makes life easier, i would guess


    That sounds good, thank you 🙂
    How about Mljet island? Is there taxi there for heavy luggage travellers?

    Gospar Ivo

    Yes, Mljet Island has taxis to hire, here is the info with the tel number: https://www.mljettravel.com/mljet-taxi-transportation-service/

    You can also see here on this photo people using heavy luggage while traveling on a ferry to and from Dubrovnik  and Mljet island:

    here is a video:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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