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Onofrio’s Fountains

Onofrio's Fountains

Onofrio’s Fountain with Saint Saviour’s Church and town walls of Dubrovnik in the background. Large Onofrio’s Fountain As soon as you enter into the Old Town to Stradun through the Pile Gate on your right side you will see the large rounded polygonal shape structure with a cupola and 16 water taps. This is the well known Large Onofrio’s Fountain, designed in 1438 by the prominent Italian architect

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Carved Masks at Onofrio’s Fountain

Carved Masks at Onofrio's Fountain

Five Carved Masks at Onofrio’s Fountain: Carved Mask at Onofrio’s Fountain – this is my favourite one 🙂 Carved Mask at Onofrio’s Fountain in Dubrovnik Another, bull mask at the fountain Carved Mask at Onofrijeva fontana (Cesma) Pretty scary carved mask :/ At the circular Onofrio Fountain, built in the 15th century, there are 16 carved masks Carved Masks in situ at

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