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Pelješac Bridge to Dubrovnik

The Pelješac Bridge opened in July 2022, and once all of its access roads, tunnels, viaducts, and smaller bridges are completed, travel to Dubrovnik from there will be as follows:

Pelješac Bridge towards Dubrovnik
above image: Approach to Peljesac bridge from the Croatian mainland

If you are driving on the highway from Zagreb or Split towards Dubrovnik, get off at Karamatići junction, and carry on for another 5 km to the Čeveljuša junction to cross Jadranska Magistrala (the Adriatic Highway). Drive further for about 21 km to Duboka / Komarna junction.

At this point, you will either head towards the Pelješac Bridge (map) or drive further along the D8 towards the border crossing in Neum, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The fastest way to get to Dubrovnik from here is to head towards the bridge, cross it, and drive along new Peljesac roads to your destination.

The first section of the road is 12 km long Duboka to Šparagovići section:

  • Just before the entrance to the bridge, if you need to take a rest and enjoy the lovely views over the bridge, on your right-hand side there is a handy Komarna Rest Area, also called Odmoriste Komarna.
  • Once you cross the bridge, arriving on the Pelješac side, right after the exit, on the right-hand side is Blaca Rest Area aka Odmoriste Blaca, which is available for vehicles crossing the bridge from the opposite side, toward the mainland.

Exiting the bridge, you will drive along the new Peljesac Peninsula road.

You will start with a 2.5 km drive to the 499 m long Kamenice tunnel, the first tunnel on the way to Dubrovnik.

As soon as you pass the tunnel, you will cross the 156 m long Doli viaduct and the 488 m long Dumanja Jaruga 1 bridge. Immediately after its exit, you will enter the 80 m long Dumanja Jaruga 2 bridge.

At about 11th kilometers from the bridge, you will enter the 2,5 km long Debeli Brijeg tunnel.

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After leaving the tunnel, there is the Zaradeže junction, where there will be a Traffic Control Center with a fire brigade, from where the entire traffic on the entire road and the Pelješac bridge will be monitored.

At that point, the 18.1 km long section Šparagovići – Doli starts:

  • At the 9th km, you will cross the 215 m Prapratno viaduct that consists of 5 spans, the largest one is 52 m long. Immediately behind it is the junction that will connect the new and existing D416 road leading to the Prapratno ferry port (here) that connects the Croatian mainland with Mljet Island.
  • The 8 km long Ston bypass also starts at the Prapratno junction. The bypass includes 2 tunnels: a 1265 m long Polakovica and a 1320 m long Supavo tunnel. Both tunnels are connected with the Ston bridge, 485 m long and about 40 m high with 6 spans bridge that crosses the Ston channel.

The bridge is located about 800 m from the Ston saltworks and leads from the Peljesac Peninsula to the Croatian mainland.

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After the Ston bridge, the road is passing through the Supavo tunnel towards the Doli junction, part of the Adriatic Highway (Jadranska Magistrala).

Once you get off the Doli junction, you will have another 44 km to drive to reach Dubrovnik.

Approach to Peljesac bridge, driving towards Dubrovnik
Photo: Approach to Peljesac bridge, driving towards Dubrovnik

Video – driving across the bridge

A lovely drive across the bridge in both directions, to Dubrovnik and to Split. I was driving this route on a lovely, sunny day, with beautiful views over the channel and bridge: