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Winds in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik can be a windy town, indeed. Being opened towards The Strait of Otranto, Dubrovnik is blessed with plenty of southern winds Levanat, Šiloko and Oštro.

These winds can be very strong around the Walls of the Old Town, as well as around Boninovo, Danče and Pile suburbs. They bring rain and are also able to produce high waves on the southern shores of the Town.

Western parts of the town, especially a western bit of the Lapad peninsula enjoy plenty of Maestral – the great windsurfing and sailing summer wind which also acts as a natural air cooler on warm summer afternoons.

As Dubrovnik lies at the foot of Mount Srđ (check map) Bura or Gregal winds can be pretty strong there, particularly in Gruž, Kono and Ploče – the suburbs positioned at the northern side of the town, right under Mount Srđ.

Dubrovnik Airport sometimes suffers from Bura.  I remember while I was a student in Dubrovnik, most of our lecturers used to fly from Zagreb to Dubrovnik to give us lectures. In the morning I used to listen to the local radio and if the weatherman said “Bura at Dubrovnik Airport” it meant it was very likely the airport was closed so I didn’t need to get up 😉 So, my advice is if you plan to fly to Dubrovnik Airport during the winter time, check the Weather forecast for Croatia to see if everything is fine as far as Bura is concerned.

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