Disabled access into Dubrovnik Old Town

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    We are planning a week in Dubrovnik in September 2018.

    My wife uses a mobility scooter but we are concerned about her being able to access the sites around the Old Town and into restarants cafes etc.

    Any comments and up to date information will be appreciated


    Pele Kantafig

    Both entrances to the Old Town are suitable for disabled access. Pile gate has bit steeper ramp while Ploce gate is flatter but both are fine. Once you arrive on main street Stradun (Placa) , it is completely flat as well as large area of the south streets of the Old town. The area of Old port is also flat and on the same level. Churches, monasteries and other sites are mostly accessable.


    Pero Lapad

    The only difficulty is to access town walls as they are high up the steps


    Gospar Ivo

    I can suggest you to look at this link and once you arrive in Dubrovnik call these telephone numbers, they can help you and arrange access to more difficult places

    tel: 00385 (0) 98 915 2834

    Restaurants, cafes, squares, churches, cathedral, recotor’s and sponza palace they are all on the same level as Stradu so you will have no problems at all.


    Pele Kantafig

    If you have smart phone or tablet get some kind of map , like google maps, where you can check if there are some steps in any street you plan to visit; switch to satelite view, click on tiny yellow man and use Street View.


    Pero Lapad

    Yes, street view is good idea, there is Google Street View app, download it !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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