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Ferry Bari – Dubrovnik booking

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  • Markus

    According to some websites there are no ferry conncetions from Bari to Dubrovnik in 2018.

    Was this connections cancelled recently?

    In 2017 the ferries were available up to three times a week.

    Best regards, Markus

    Pele Kantafig

    I also heard speculations that Bari to Dubrovnik ferry line will not operate in 2018 and instead that the line will change to Bari to Bar in Montenegro.
    In my opinion all these speculations are due to Jadrolinija ferry company being late with issuing timetable for this line for 2018 year. I heard it is because the ferry company changed its director and they are now reaccessing their fery lines. Im not sure what to say but in my opinion cancelling this ferry line would be ridiculous idea.

    Pero Lapad

    Bari to Dubrovnik ferries are not cancelled for 2018, at least not officially. I expect timetable for 2018 to be isuued within next few weeks max. Dont worry there will be plenty of space on ferry as noone can book it now anyway, just give it another week or so and booking will be available.

    Gospar Ivo

    Yes, I talked to them last week and they reassured me ferry will be running in 2018, stay tuned….


    Thank you, I hope you are right!! At the moment if I search for this route it says ‘There are currently no timetables available for routes selected’ Lets wait another week or so!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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