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Ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar and Mljet in April

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    Chris C.

    We are hoping to visit some islands from Dubrovnik around the 28 of April this year. We noticed your ferry does not start until after that date.

    Do you know is there any smaller local ferries running between Split Hvar/Vis/Mljet and Dubrovnik earlier in April?

    We would love to sail from Dubrovnik to Hvar and Mljet if possible on the 28 or 29 of April.

    Thanks for your help


    Gospar Ivo

    There are no smaller local ferries that sail between Dubrovnik, Hvar and Mljet. The only ferries that are available are listed. See the alternative ways of transport on following topics:

    Getting from Hvar to Dubrovnik

    Getting by Ferry from Split to Dubrovnik

    for ferries to Mljet see this:



    Mljet is closer to Dubrovnik that Hvar so the best way for you to travel is first to travel to Mljet and then to Hvar , check on map here
    There is a ferry to Mljet from Dubrovnik in April but not to Hvar, so if you have enough time from Mljet to Hvar part use ferry in combination with bus


    Riaan Malan

    Good day

    We are arriving in Dubrovnik on 28 April 2018.
    We want to spend 2 nights in Dubrovnik and then leave for HVAR.
    Is there any ferries to HVAR from Dubrovnik.

    Alternatively we should travel to Split by bus and stay in Split and do day trips to HVAR and ViS etc.



    Hi Riaan Malan, daily ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar starts this year in May, therefore, you will have to go either by bus to Split or by bus to Korcula town, overnight there and take the ferry early morning to Hvar. To visit Vis you can do it from Split only.

    If you can travel on Mon, Tue, Fri or Saturday, between 16.04. and 06.05.2018 you can get a ferry. (update 2020: there is now daily ferry April to October!)

    see ferry info here: https://www.croatiaferries.com/dubrovnik-hvar-ferry.htm


    Gospar Ivo

    If you wish Riaan Malan you can book your ferry in advance here but not yet as their database is not updated, save link for later info:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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