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From Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town

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  • Robert

    I would like to know how much time would it take approximately to travel by the public transport from Dubrovnik airport to the main bus station at Old Town.

    I would like to use bus from the Airport.

    Thank you


    The Old Town stop is called Pile Bus station which is on about 10 minutes bus ride from Dubrovnik’s main bus station located in Gruž. The bus from Dubrovnik Airport stops at Pile and proceeds to Gruž. The bus ride from the Airport to the Old town lasts about 20 minutes.
    Pile bus stop : https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/pile-bus-stop/
    Gruž Bus station: https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/dubrovnik-bus-station/


    The journey from airport to the old town should take about half hour if there is no any traffic jams. In the high season traffic jams are quite common.

    Pero Lapad

    Public transport in Dubrovnik is not at all slower than taxi or private car so take bus to the town. Traffic jams affect both the same way.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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