Getting from Dubrovnik to Trebinje

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    I’m interested in best way to get from Dubrovnik to Trebinje; I’m not sure if there are direct buses that connects these two towns. My plan is to travel there in May this year, thank you for your help


    Pero Lapad

    There is at least one bus a day from Dubrovnik to Trebinje, it departs on 13:30 every day except Sundays. The border crossing is in Ivanjica. Bus departure is from Dubrovnik’s main bus terminal in Gruž. It is all year around service so it includes May departures.


    Gospar Ivo

    I suggest you to take Uber. I just checked Uber quote is 181 HRK which is about 23.95 Euro, this is probably at the moment the best and most flexible way to reach Trebinje from Dubrovnik


    Gospar Ivo

    dubr treb1



    Thank you for your suggestions 🙂
    Do you know how long it takes to reach Trebinje from Dubrovnik by bus?
    How long by Uber?
    Is there a bus from Trebinje to Dubrovnik?
    How much is a bus ticket, us fare?
    Thank you!


    Pero Lapad

    It takes 45 Minutes by bus to get to Trebinje, its about 20 km distance, by Uber is bit faster depending of traffic;
    Yes, there is a bus from Trebinje to Dubrovnik, daily at 10:00, no Sunday departures.
    Bus ticket price is 46 Hrk , about 6 Euro



    thank you !!

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