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Getting from Rome to Dubrovnik – the cheapest travel option?

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  • Stuart

    What is the cheapest travel options from Rome to Dubrovnik?

    I will be in Rome in July and I want to visit Dubrovnik for a two or three days.

    Can you please suggest the cheapest mode of transport for overnight travel to Dubrovnik from Italy.

    I am not able to find ferry timings and fares from Italy to Dubrovnik.


    Gospar Ivo

    Take a bus from Rome to Bari, the cheapest bus is 9 Euro one way, journey takes 7 hrs

    and take an overnight ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik


    Bari- Dubrovnik: Depart @ 22:00 Arrive following day @ 08:00; It is 10 hrs overnight journey cost €55.00 one way

    Total cost 64 Euro one way

    More info: https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/travel/rome-dubrovnik/


    My suggestion is to fly from Rome to Dubrovnik. Vueling Airlines vueling.com has some cheap flights, check their site for fares and dates, the flight takes 1 1/2 hour
    see details here https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/flights-rome-italy-dubrovnik/


    ^ agree. I just bought Dubrovnik to Rome tickets from Vueling Airlines at 35 euros.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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