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Help with Mljet – Korcula – Dubrovnik itinerary

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  • S.Yummy

    Our family will be driving on May 9th from Montenegro to Dubrovnik. We need to drop off the rental car there and after that, from what I could see, we have an option to leave either at 2:30pm or 4:30pm to Sobra with public ferry.

    Ideally, we’d love to see as much as possible in Mljet- we are more interested in nature than history. We thought we’d spend the night in Mljet and then need help planning the rest. I saw you give tours on speed boat every day through the National Park.

    We need help figuring out how to do this:

    1.Tour Mljet in the morning on Wednesday may 10th.
    2. Get 1 person on Wednesday may 10th back to Dubrovnik. Ideally he can stay with as long as possible to be able to get to Dubrovnik airport by 6:30pm. His flight leaves at 8pm.
    3. Get 3 persons to Korcula on Wednesday night so we can sleep there, spend the next day in Korcula and take the evening ferry to Hvar. We saw an option to take ferries in the morning, from Sobra to Pratprano and then take a bus(?) or private transport to Korcula. But that would not leave us any time to be in Mljet.

    Could you help us with some or all of this? Thank you!

    Pero Lapad

    Hi S.Yummy, it is very tight itinerary and on Wednesday in May there is no ferry from Mljet to Korcula

    My suggestion to you is to use Uber from Dubrovnik to Prapratno and take any ferry from there to Mljet.

    I just checked Uber on my phone , it quotes me cca 400 Kuna for a ride.

    It takes 1 hr by car from Dubrovnik to Prapratno.

    Ferries from there to Mljet are listed here https://www.croatiaferries.com/prapratno-sobra-ferry.htm

    For return to Dubrovnik also take Uber from Prapratno. Ferry from Sobra is at 15:00; one hour sail to Prapratno ia 16:00; another hour and half to Dubrovnik Airport is 17:30, lets say that person can be on the airport at abou 18:00, still on time for his flight. (see ferry schedule here: https://www.croatiaferries.com/sobra-prapratno-ferry.htm)

    For 3 persons to Korcula on Wed night, taxi from Prapratno to Korcula is the only option.


    Thanks so much for your reply.

    I just realized I have a mistake in what I wrote, and given the ferry schedule, don’t know whether that would change the advice you give.

    We actually would be arriving to Mljet on Wednesday afternoon and leaving on THursday afternoon to Dubrovnik(1 of us) and Korcula (3 of us).

    I just checked and your suggestion to uber to Prapratno still works.

    The return though is on Thursday (we’re spending the night in Apartments Lampalo in Mljet). I was wondering if the high speed boat excursion could be custom arranged to fit in our itinerary and help us see the park before we leave on THursday. https://www.korculainfo.com/excursions/korcula-to-mljet-yacht-excursion/

    In any case, from your suggestion we could all leave together at 3pm from Sobra to Prapratno. Our son takes an uber/taxi to the airport, and we continue in taxi to Korcula.

    Do you think that is the best option, with the slight date change?

    We would stay in Korcula one night and leave at 18:30 to Hvar.

    Do you suggest we buy the ferry tickets in advance?

    Is it easy to get taxi or uber once in Mljet?

    Thanks again!

    Pero Lapad

    Unfortunately, no ferries from Mljet to Korcula until Friday – see here full timetable

    Ferry Catamaran Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik

    High speed boat excursion can be arranged but you can not rely on it as it is weather perrmitted.

    I would stick with ferry to Prapratno as that ferry is steady and unlikely to fail due to bad weather.

    Yes, I think taxi from Prapratno is the safest solution, one you could rely on.

    Yes, buy korcula – hvar ferry ticket in advance here : http://krilo.aktiva-info.hr/eng/frmPregledSlobodnoEng.aspx

    There are taxis on Mljet, but why would you pay for taxi from Mljet if you can get it from Prapratno. https://www.korculataxi.com/

    From Dubrovnik Uber is fine, from Prapratno they dont operate from there (yet) so taxi is the best option.

    I hope you will enjoy your holidays!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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