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To island Mljet from Dubrovnik in the morning in May

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    Mrs. Pulkkinen

    Hello ! Is there any way to get to island Mjet from Dubrovnik in the Morning in May ?

    Ferries etc leave in the afternoon (in May) and we’d like to spend a hole day from the Morning to evening on that island .

    We do not like to take part in those grup trips. We’ll Be thankfull for your answers.


    Pero Lapad

    No morning ferries from Dubrovnik to Mljet in May, they start from June – https://www.croatiaferries.com/mljet-island-ferries.htm


    John Greenwood

    That’s disappointing. We are visiting Dubrovnik for the half marathon run on 30th April and then staying on for a week’s holiday. Probably there will be others doing the same. There should be better ferry services in May.



    You can always do day trip to Mljet instead, book in advance, here are the details: https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/mljet-island-national-park/


    Gospar Ivo

    Rent a car in Dubrovnik, drive to Prapratno,take ferry from there to Sobra @ Mljet, explore Mljet, take ferry back to Prapratno, drive to Dubrovnik.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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