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Parking in Dubrovnik

Parking in Dubrovnik

Parking in the near vicinity of the Old Town:

Driving to Dubrovnik and then trying to find a parking place can be a nightmare. Parking is definitely a problem in the town especially for those who would like to stay and park near or within walking distance from the Old Town. The Old Town is car-free zone so cars are not permitted to enter within the walls, therefore, the only option is to leave the car outside the city walls. In the high season that becomes even worst problem as most of the pay and display places in the vicinity are already occupied.

So to find a parking place you can explore the following options:

Parking Meters (Pay & Display)

In near vicinity of Old town parking bays are located near Ploce gate  in Petra Kresimira street, Frana Supila street (markers C and D on below map), Pile gate parking lot (marker B on below map) as well as right behind the northern walls of Old Town around Buza Gate (above photo, marker A on below map). When you first park, you must purchase a parking ticket from the ticket machine and then clearly display it in the windscreen of your car. Make sure you have exact change or alternatively buy your parking tickets in advance from corner shops, newsagents or hotel receptions around the town.

Alternatively, you can pay for your ticket using your mobile phone (Croatian phone numbers only). What you do first is to check in which parking zone did you park. That info is displayed on panels near parking bays. Once you establish that, send a text message with your number plates to telephone numbers 8201 or 8202 (for parking zone 1 or 2). You will get confirmation your parking is paid. To prolong your parking time for another hour just send another text message to the same number.

Parking meters prices vary depending on the zone, starting from 20 to 40 Kuna per hour.

Note: when choosing your parking slot bear in mind there are lots of steps to go up or down the Old Town from Buza Gate parking area, so if you prefer to have easier access to your car, try to park in Pile Gate parking space. It will cost you twice more (40 kunas as opposed to 20 kunas per hour) however it might be a much sensible option especially on the hot summer day when getting back to your car up the steep stairs can be very demanding.

Wherever you choose to park make sure it is the right place and right payment as towing vehicles are operating around all the time taking care of cars that have been parked illegally around the town.
Update: you can now pay online for your parking ticket

The parking lot in Gruž Port

parking our rented car near ferry port in dubrovnik - The parking lot in Gruž Port

The parking lot in Gruž Port is pretty large parking space, if you arrive in the town in the early morning you may be lucky to find a place right here, very close to all local transport links and ferry links to the Islands.

Underground car garage

Underground garage in Ilijina Glavica (address: Zagrebačka ulica, Dubrovnik – marker E on below map) is a good option if you intend to park your car for a longer period, say several days or a week. The garage is located on the hilly position above the town. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from there to the old town, however, going back might take more as it is a steep walk.

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The garage has a capacity of several hundred car places so finding a parking place there is not a problem at any time of the year.

The prices are between  20 and 30 kunas (depending on the season) per hour, while 24 hrs parking cost between 280 to 360 kuna. The weekly ticket is from 1400 to 1800 Kuna.

Make sure that you inform the parking attendant in the garage which rate you are choosing to use to avoid any misunderstanding.

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parking lot in gruz, at ferry and bus terminal, dubrovnik, croatia

Free Parking

There is a free parking solution too – If you hate to pay a lot for parking your car in the town (as I do) my advice to you is as soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik, drive via Gruž and Batala across Lapad to Babin Kuk town district (marker F on below map). Park your car there for free and from there take a bus to the Old town. Babin Kuk is served by bus line no 6. It is a very frequent service, the ride last about 20 minutes, and you will get access to the Old Town via Pile Gate which is the easiest access, much smoother then via Buza gate going up and down hundreds of steps, where the nearest parking place is located. So for 30 Kuna return bus fare to Babin Kuk (or 24 Kuna if you buy your ticket in newsagent), you can spend all day in the Old Town while your car is safely parked. Check bus map here

Map of parking places in Dubrovnik:

GPS Coordinates:

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  • 42.642354, 18.110827 – Buza parking
  • 42.642098, 18.106670 – Pile Parking
  • 42.642027, 18.113853 – Ploce Parking
  • 42.643183, 18.113204 – Petra Kresimira
  • 42.645290, 18.103301 – Underground Garage
  • 42.661724, 18.084904 – Gruz port parking
  • 42.661024, 18.059404 – Babin Kuk