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Taxi in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik public transport includes car taxis as well as taxi boats that you can use to go around the town.
Car/ land taxis can be convenient if the public transport (bus) is not available or not sufficient or you simply prefer a private taxi that can take you to the door of your desired destination.
Taxi boats/water taxis is a great transport option for getting to, for example, right to the heart of the Old Town from Gruž or Lapad and avoiding traffic jams. However, they tend to be slower, difficult to find and more expensive. At present, I would say the best taxi option is to get a car taxi.

Where to find a taxi in Dubrovnik:

Taxi stations in Dubrovnik are:

  • in the main bus station in Gruž – look for the taxi bays/appointed taxi ranks near the arrival/ departure bus places (marker A on the map below)
  • in main ferry terminal in Gruž –  look for the taxi bays/appointed taxi ranks on the right side as soon as you embark from the ferry (marker B on the map below)
  • in Pile Gate – west entrance to the Old town – look for the taxi bays (marker C on the map below)
  • in Ploce Gate – east entrance to the Old town – look for the taxi bays in the very beginning of Ulica Frana Supila (marker D on the map below)
  • in Lapad, near the post office (marker E on the map below)
  • in Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport, follow the taxi signs in the arrivals hall which will take you to the airport’s taxi terminal (marker F on the map below)
  • Free phone taxi 24/7/365 service: 0800 1441 or 0800 970
  • There is also a Uber taxi service in Dubrovnik, much cheaper than a regular taxi, the service is great (i use it all the time when I’m there) and I see no reason not to use it.

You can get by taxi to Old town only to Pile or Ploce gate as old town historic centre is car-free zone. Also, in theory hailing a taxi on the street doesn’t work, however, in my experience, taxi drivers here tend to stop (if they are not busy) so there is no harm in sticking out your arm when the taxi is approaching as it may stop at give you a ride.

taxi station in gruz harbour, dubrovnik

Dubrovnik taxi fares:

  • from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town – fares from 250 Kuna (33 Euro approx)
  • from Pile gate (Old Town) to Lapad – fares from 80 Kuna (10 Euro approx)
  • from Gruž to Pile gate (Old Town)  – fares from 90 Kuna (12 Euro approx)
  • initial taxi flat charge is 30 Kuna plus 9 Kuna per additional kilometre
  • as anywhere else, additional luggage, late-night trips and public holidays ride increase the initial prices.
  • to avoid disappointments, ask the driver for an estimated price
  • tipping is ok but not obligatory especially if you are not entirely happy with the ride

Map of Taxi Stations in Dubrovnik:

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