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Vaporetto – the Dubrovnik ferry service

Vaporetto - the Dubrovnik ferry service

Vaporetto ( or vaporet – Dubrovacki Vaporetto) – the Dubrovnik ferry boat service has been introduced as an affordable and fun way to travel between various waterfront points around the Town and beyond. At the moment a total of four routes connecting Mokošica, Gruž, Lapad, a couple of beaches, Old Town and Lokrum.

Ferry shuttle from Gruž to Lapad

This ferry shuttle line is great to use instead of a bus to get from Gruž to Lapad and back. Several boats are linking Gruž, starting from the open market pier (Pjaca) with the pier in front of Hotel Lapad in Lapad district. The line is busy all the time with people getting to market, shops, ferry port and the main bus station. Timetable: sailing all the time. The pleasant journey any time of the year lasts just over 10 minutes. My favourite public transport line in the whole of Dubrovnik 🙂

Ferry shuttle from Gruž to Solitudo

A convenient ferry ride from Gruž to Solitudo, Copacabana and Cava beaches crossing the waters along Lapad Peninsula. It runs twice a day and is very good to use if you stay in Gruž or Solitudo and trying to avoid bus rides to the beach in the hot summers.
Timetable: departures from Gruž @ 9am and 10am; return from Cava beach @ 17:30 and 18:30 / from Copacabana beach @ 17:35 and 18:35; / from Solitudo @ 17:40 and 18:40

Ferry shuttle from Old Town to Lokrum:

Daily ferry shuttle connecting Dubrovnik Old Town port with Lokrum – check all details about this ferry route at its ferry page

Ferry shuttle from Mokosica via Gruž and Old Town to Lokrum

Timetable ferry shuttle Mokošica – Gruž – Old Town – Lokrum:

From Mokošica to Lokrum – departures:
10.00 Mokošica – 10.15 Gruž – 11.05 Old Town – 11.20 Lokrum
14.00 Mokošica – 14.15 Gruž – 15.05 Old Town  – 15.20 Lokrum

From Lokrum to Mokošica departures:
12.00 Lokrum – 12.15 Old Town – 13.10 Gruž – 13.25 Mokošica
16.00 Lokrum – 16.15 Old Town – 17.10 Gruž – 17.25 Mokošica


Ticket prices are in the range of 12 to 15 Kuna depending on the point of entry. If you buy Dubrovnik Card the ferry rides are free.

Map of ferry shuttles in Dubrovnik: