Top 10 Tourist Mistakes in Dubrovnik

In the more that 30 years since I have been travelling and spending my time in Dubrovnik I’ve seen visitors make the same mistakes over and over again, often at considerable cost not only in money but in waste of time, energy as well as in holiday enjoyment.

To prevent such setbacks in the future I hope you’ll find this list useful.

So, here is the list of my top 10 tourist mistakes in Dubrovnik (with suggestions how to avoid them) – click on each to read more:

1. Very short visit to Dubrovnik
2. Overspend on transportation from Dubrovnik airport to the city
3. Staying in the wrong location (check your hotel’s location carefully before you book, unless you’re prepared for a long walk)
4. Commuting to town from neighbouring places
5. Overpacking (luggage can be burden)
6. Trying to find the perfect beach (and never finding one)
7. Searching for authenticity
8. Annoying the locals
9. Buying worthless souvenirs
10. Not looking after valuables