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Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik – When To Go

The best time for a trip to Dubrovnik is from May to June and September to October including Easter holidays when mild and sunny days are very common and temperatures are not very hot. This is also the best time of year when the town is less crowded and rainy days are not common.

As airfares and hotel prices are lowest in offseason which is another good reason to avoid high tourist season.

Dubrovnik attracts thousands of tourists during the peak travel months of June through early October and that is the time when hotel space and private rooms/b&b’s are in short supply.

The entrance to the Old Town (Pile gate) on busy summer's day
The entrance to the Old Town (Pile gate) on busy summer’s day

When is Dubrovnik most crowded?

The busiest time in Dubrovnik are midmornings on the days that large cruise ships arrive in the town and a few thousand of visitors go for sightseeing. The town gets overcrowded. However, by the mid-afternoon on the same days, the crow lessens and the town gets much calmer.

How to avoid the crowds in Dubrovnik?

If you would like to avoid the crowds visit the town either in the offseason or on the days when cruise ships are not here. You can also avoid the crowd if you visit the town very early in the morning. The most crowded times are summer months of July and August which are high season and can be very hot, especially in the afternoon.

Crowds on Stradun, Placa - Dubrovnik Old Town's main street
Crowds on Stradun, Placa – Dubrovnik Old Town’s main street

Best time of day to visit Old Town Dubrovnik

The best time of the day to visit the Old Town is either very early in the morning, from 7 am to 11 am or later in the afternoon, from 4 pm to 6 pm. Weatherwise, late mornings and early afternoons in July & August can be very hot in the Old Town.

Best time of day to visit City Walls

The best time of the day to visit the City Walls is early in the morning. Late afternoons are also good. See detailed info on one day in Dubrovnik and few hours in the town articles.

Visitors at Town Walls in the mid of the day
Visitors at Town Walls in the mid of the day

When to Visit – Month by Month

Here is a month by month overview for when and the best time to visit the town. It is important to pick the right time to visit.

Dubrovnik in March, April & May

March, April and May are early and mid-spring months here when the weather is mostly fine with just some rainy days. The seawater is still too chilly for swimming (at least for us, locals) but it is warm enough to sunbathe on the beach. The crowds are minimal and days are sunny and not very cold. Easter break in April is the busiest few days.

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Dubrovnik in June, July & August

June, July and August are summer months here and the high season in the Town. You can enjoy the sunshine, very warm and often hot weather with rare rainy days. The seawater temperatures are ideal for swimming and snorkelling or any other sea activities (windsurfing, sailing).

Dubrovnik in September & October

September and October here are late summers and early autumn (fall) months. The seawater is still warm to swim while the temperatures are milder. Hot days, as well as rainy days, are very rare. All of the Town attractions are opened, including bars, restaurants and museums. the crowds are bearable.

Dubrovnik in November – February

November, December, January and February with exceptions of Christmas and New Year’s break is the off-season in the Town. Most of the attractions are closed, including museums, bars, and restaurants. Weather is chilly and often windy with a fair amount of rainy days. The seawater is cold for swimming but on the calm days, you can enjoy walks along the beaches.

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Rainy day in Dubrovnik - views
Rainy day in Dubrovnik – views

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