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Getting from Venice to Dubrovnik

Venice, Italy

Visiting Venice as well as Dubrovnik is a journey that many travellers take and I often receive emails asking me about options for travelling between these two cities. Many ask about direct ferry lines. Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry connection between Venice and Dubrovnik – it used to be one, but it is discontinued years ago. However, there are still several other options for travelling on this route using either planes, ferries, trains or/and buses.

Alternatively, you can choose to drive. The distance from Venice to Dubrovnik is just over 800 kilometres and the last time I did it it took me well over 11 hours in total. I actually did it in several sequences as driving for such a long time I do not consider safe. Therefore, have a look below for public transport options:

Direct flights from Venice to Dubrovnik

Direct flight from Venice to Dubrovnik
The easiest and most comfortable and most efficient way of travelling from Venice to Dubrovnik is to fly to Dubrovnik Airport. There are currently two air companies that operate these flights – Croatia Airlines and Volotea (see the above flight route example). The flight duration is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Direct flights are operating from May to September only while one stopover is available all year round.

Train from Venice to Ancona (Italy) & ferry to Split and Dubrovnik


Take a train from Venice to Ancona; the journey lasts between 3,5 and 4,5 hrs, train fares are from 30 Euro one way;
In Ancona take a ferry to Split (see schedules and booking); the journey lasts between 8 hrs, ferry tickets are from 45 Euro one way;
From Split take the bus or ferry to Dubrovnik.

Train from Venice to Bari (Italy) & ferry to Dubrovnik

Take a train from Venice to Bari; the journey lasts about 8 hrs; train tickets are from 52 Euro one way;
In Bari take a ferry to Dubrovnik (see schedules and booking); the journey lasts about 9 hrs (overnight ferry); ferry tickets are from 55 Euro one way;
From Split take the bus or ferry to Dubrovnik.

Ferry or bus from Venice to Pula & ferry, bus or flight to Dubrovnik


Take a ferry from Venice to Pula  – this is a seasonal route, operating from June to September only; the journey lasts about 3 hrs; ferry tickets are from 59 Euro one way;
From Pula take a flight to Dubrovnik if available or ;
From Pula take a ferry to Zadar and further along the Croatian coast all the way to Dubrovnik (check map)


Take a bus from Venice to Pula – buses are running all year round several times a day;
From Pula take a flight to Dubrovnik if suitable or ;
From Pula take a bus to Rijeka and further along the Croatian coast all the way to Dubrovnik.

Bus or train from Venice to Trieste and Dubrovnik

Take a bus or train from Venice to Trieste; From Trieste take a bus to Rijeka; From Rijeka take a bus to Dubrovnik; also note – there are some ferries from Trieste to Istria which may be helpful for your particular journey – see here
Trieste to Dubrovnik is a very very long journey, it lasts all day around (24 hrs and more). I did it only once and never more 😉 Although the buses are very comfortable and air-conditioned the journey is very hard and takes far too long. It is much better to go via Ancona or Bari indeed using trains and ferries.

My travel tip: bear in mind while choosing your journey that is much more comfortable to take a train from anywhere in Italy to its Adriatic coast than a bus along the Croatian coast as buses are much slower and less comfortable than trains. See also all Venice ferries info and schedules.

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Coastal Drive Map of Venice and Dubrovnik:

Venice airport GPS: 45°30’17.4″N 12°20’21.0″E 45.504848, 12.339156
Dubrovnik bus/ferry terminal GPS: 42°39’47.0″N 18°04’59.5″E 42.663070,18.083209

Note: There is no train connection between Venice and Dubrovnik

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