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Dubrovnik Weather in April

A wet and overcast day in Dubrovnik in April
A wet and overcast day in Dubrovnik in April

Average Daily Temperatures

April weather in Dubrovnik is much milder. The winter is gone and spring is in full swing. Some days can be wet and rainy but Bura and Siloko are getting less common. The weather is a bit warmer and sunnier than in March. The average daily temperature is 11.4 ° C ( 52.52 ° F ).

During the month of April, daylight hours increase by almost 2 hours between the 1st and the 30th allowing more time for outdoor activities. 

Average Sea TemperatureMaximum TemperatureAverage Rainfall – PrecipitationAverage number of rainy daysAverage Number of Sunny Days
14.4 ° C14.3° C30 ° C87 mm11 days7 days
57.92° F57.74 ° F86 ° F

Sunshine and rainfall

For April, the average rainfall is 87 mm. Expected sunny days at this time of the year are still just 7. The rest of the April is expected to be overcast, showers and rain. Frost or fog are not expected.

Beach and Sea Temperatures

April is still too cold to swim in the open sea waters as the average sea temperature is just over 14 ° C (sea temperatures monthly graph). Sunbathing is very enjoyable especially on the calm days. The alternative for open water swimming is an indoor swimming pool.

What to wear in April

Dubrovnik in April is mild during the day but still cold in the nights. You will definitely need a waterproof jacket or umbrella, shorts sleeves for day time and a couple of layers for the evenings including a light mid-season jacket. A pair of good shoes are essential all day long. No flipflops yet.

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  • The average temperatures are for period 1961 to 2018 – source Meteo
  • Sea temperatures source Nasa