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Dubrovnik to Mljet National Park Day trip


If you spend more than a couple of days around Dubrovnik Old Town try not to miss the opportunity to visit Mljet National Park on Mljet Island. Once you arrive and settle in Dubrovnik, you will find several opportunities to visit Mljet, using either day-trips organized by Dubrovnik’s travel agents (which are more expensive) or by using public transport (i.e. local ferries that are much cheaper).

Dubrovnik to Mljet by local transport

Photo: Getting to the Park by local ferry boat

Photo: Getting to the Park by local ferry boat

Mljet island is situated across the channel, about 15 nautical miles from Dubrovnik. It takes just under two hours to sail there by fast catamaran ferry. Check catamaran ferry schedules at this link.

In the summertime, you will depart at 8 am from Dubrovnik’s port Gruž (ferry terminal in front of Hotel Petka) by Nona Ana ferry and will arrive at 9.50 in Polače, Mljet – the place in the near vicinity of National Park.

You will then have the rest of the day to explore the National Park (see map), visit both lakes, have lunch in one of the local restaurants and come back to Polače to get a return journey at 5 pm arriving in Dubrovnik, port Gruž at about 7 pm.

Update 2022:

There are now three fast ferries that sail from Dubrovnik to Mljet, to 3 different ports: Pomena, Polače, and Sobra. All offer flexible and convenient departure times (departing in the morning, returning in the afternoon) for day trips to the island and National Park – see all info here

Fast  ferry boat arriving in Pomena, the National Park's nearest port

Photo: Fast  ferry boat arriving in Pomena, the National Park’s nearest port

In the wintertime, or out of the main tourist season (November to April) the ferry schedule is not as convenient for a day trip, as the ferry leaves for Mljet in the afternoon and sails back to Dubrovnik in the morning, so you will have to spend at least one night on the Mljet. (If you decide to do so, check for Mljet Island accommodation here.)

Before booking, try to work out is it cheaper and more convenient for your own needs to spend a night or two on Mljet, or book a much more expensive day trip by a local agent, spend all day on Mljet and come back to Dubrovnik in the evening in your Dubrovnik accommodation.

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Important warning: If you decide to use Dubrovnik to Sobra fast catamaran, it sails to Sobra village, which is far away from Mljet National Park. Of course, you can always rent a car, take a taxi,  or use your bicycle for cycling to the park but it will take you a long time (the distance between Sobra and Polače is about 25 km). So, you will be better off if you get to Polace or Pomena instead.

There is also now recently introduced Dubrovnik airport bus shuttle to Prapratno for ferry connection to Mljet island which you can use for day trips too- see info and timetables here

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St Mary's Island, Mljet

St Mary’s Island, Mljet

Entry ticket to National Park

Entry ticket to National Park. If you get there by organized day trip your entry fee is already included in the price.

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